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The City's sewer unit comprises approxiamately 150 miles of sewer lines ranging in diameter from four to eight inches, and 25 strategically-located lift stations. Once collected, all sewage is treated at the Coneross Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in the County (the "Sewer Plant"), which is owned by the County and operated by the Sewer Commission. 

The Sewer Plant began operating in 1980, with an initial design treatment capacity of 5.0 MGD. The Sewer Plant was last upgraded with the proceeds of State Revolving Loan funds in 1996 to its current design treatment capapcity of 7.8 MGD. To support the Sewer Plant, the Sewer Commission also operates 15 pump stations and maintains 70 miles of trunk lines.

Because the Sewer Plant also serves the Cities of Walhalla and Westminster, as well as other unincorporated areas of the County, there are no other competing sewer service providers in the areas served by the City. 


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